Annual Report

Principal: Deborah McCarson

Associate Principals: Julie Dixon

Mascot: Panther

Colors: Purple and White

District Mission:

Each student will graduate prepared to lead a rewarding, responsible life as a contributing member of our community and greater society.

School Funding

District General Fund Budget: $318.4 million

District Per Pupil Expenditure: $10,766 per pupil

Building Budget for this school: $106,864

2015-2016 District Expenditures

Student Demographics

# of students, October 2015: 587

# of teachers: 40

Teachers with at least a Master’s Degree: 65.0%

Unexcused absence rate: 0.3%

School Mission:

To create a community-connected environment that promotes each student's academic and personal success.

School Description

Kirkland Middle School (KiMS) is a 6-8 Middle School that serves approx. 570 students. We are small enough to know our students well. This fact in turn supports the important concept of a more personalized educational environment for our students. Through our peer mentor program, each sixth grader is matched with a 7th or 8th grade mentor to help them navigate the first few months of Middle School. We continue our school-wide Bully Prevention Program during our Panther Pride Time, four days a week. We still enjoy our extensive building remodel, which supports and promotes our emphasis on collaboration among staff and students.

As always, our focus is on providing every student with the opportunity to progress, advance and experience personally challenging work.

2015-2016 School Goals

Grades 6-8 English Language Arts (ELA): 90% of 6th graders and 80 % at standard as measured by the Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Skills (CARS). 7th grade students will respond at on level higher than their current level.

Grades 6-8 Math: 80% of students at standard, 95% will show growth.

Grades 6-8 Science: 80% of students will be at standard, 95% will show growth.

Achievement gap: 55% of Hispanic students at standard on the ELA state assessments and 60% at standard on math

College & Career Readiness: 100% completion rate of Career Cruising requirements by all 8th graders. .

School Effectiveness: Increase the number of students choosing to complete Honors/Level 4 work in ELA by 6%

Attendance: Implement revised late policy which notifies parents when a student reaches 3 tardies in the semester and requires a parent meeting and consequence when the student reaches 4.

State Assessment Results

School Building

Our school facilities are available for public use by contacting our school office.

Building Condition Assessment: Good

The Building Condition Assessment represents an overall permanent building condition assessment. It is conducted by a third party in accordance with the state’s Asset Preservation Program.

Invitation to Participate

Goal 5 in the district’s Strategic Plan is to “Engage our Communities.” Families and community members are encouraged to participate in our school. Volunteers are trained and work in a variety of positions. To get involved, call our school office.

Accountability of School Performance

Met Participation Goal for ELA: Yes

Met Participation Goal for Math: Yes