Athletic Policy

Interscholastic athletics in the Lake Washington School district are intended to provide opportunities for students to participate in structured and supervised programs that promote good sportsmanship and fair play in a competitive environment.

1.The athletic program of the Lake Washington School District Middle School Conference, though not regulated by, subscribes to the guidelines of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association.Each school maintains a copy of the WIAA constitution, rules and regulations.

2.Principals of Conference schools are the recognized authorities regarding matters pertaining to athletic programs.

3.Eligibility requirements, which each student athlete must meet prior to receiving equipment and participating in a practice, are as follows:

a.A physical examination with doctor's signature and date of original exam on a school provided physical form.Students must provide an update of physical condition by having the physician’s permission for participation with his/her signature and current date. A doctor’s physical is good for 2 years from the original exam date.(Forms available in the school office or online)

b.Proof of medical insurance coverage or purchase of school insurance. (School insurance forms available in the school office)

c.A medical emergency authorization form signed by a parent or guardian, together with an emergency contact number in the event a parent/guardian cannot be reached.

(The medical emergency card is located on the back side of the Physical Form)

d.Membership in the Associated Student Body (ASB) of Kirkland Middle School.The ASB card may be purchased at the school for $25.00 and is valid for the current school year.

e.No outstanding fines or fees.

f.Pay participation fee of $75.00

Refunds will be provided under the following conditions

1.Student quits due to illness or injury prior to 1st contest = 100%

2.Student quits due to family moving prior to 1st contest = 100%

g. Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Athletic Policy forms read; Both parent and student initials arerequired on the clearance form.

4.Attendance – Student athletes are expected to participate fully in all regular school activities and classes each day, including physical education activities, in order to participate in an extra-curricular activity.In the event of a medical or dental appointment, one-half day of attendance is mandatory.Attendance at practice sessions, meetings, and games are required unless absent from school, excused by a coach or detained by another instructor.Coaches will establish individual sport policies regarding tardiness and unexcused absences from practice.If a student is suspended from school (in-house suspension or out-of-school suspension) that student is not eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities that day.

5.8 practice requirements must be met prior to participation in the first contest.

6.Use of tobacco, alcohol and/or other illegal drugs during a sport season will constitute grounds for suspension from the sport or activity for the remainder of the season.A second violation in the same school year will constitute grounds for suspension from participation in the athletic program for the remainder of the year.

7.Student athletes are expected to demonstrate citizenship and conduct that is beyond criticism at all times.Student athletes violating school behavior expectations can expect school discipline and athletic discipline up to and including temporary and permanent suspension from the team.

8.In the event of a student athlete is injured during a practice or contest, the supervising coach is to be notified immediately in order to obtain proper care and prevent further injury.

9.Student athletes receiving school issued equipment are responsible for that equipment and, in the event of loss or damage will be required to pay the replacement charge.

10.Transportation is provided by the school district in most cases to athletic events.Athletes are required to travel to and from contests with the entire team, unless excused by a coach.Written parent request is required in order for the coach to release a student from riding the team bus. Students returned to the school by parent transportation cannot expect access to the locker room until the coach returns from the game site.

11.Student athletes represent their schools and are expected to be good ambassadors and display good sportsmanship at all times including on buses.Students failing to conduct themselves accordingly are subject to discipline up to and including suspension from the team.

12.Academic eligibility.Student athletes must have a GPA of 2.0 and be failing no classes. Students not meeting academic eligibility or whose academic performance falls below the stated standard during a season may be placed on academic probation.A grade check will occur following the third week of each season with a 5-day probation period for athletes not meeting academic eligibility requirements.