Frequently Asked Questions

ASB Card

To support our activity programs, all students are strongly encouraged to become members of the Kirkland Middle School Associated Student Body (ASB). The cost is $25.00. Students who participate in student activities and/or sports are required to purchase an ASB card. The card also entitles the holder to a reduced ticket price for some middle school and high school events. You may begin purchasing ASB cards in the main office starting on August 26th. Please make checks payable to KiMS or pay online. For step-by-step instructions to make payments online, please see the PAYMENT section below. If lost, replacement cards may be purchased in the main office for $5.00.


KiMS offers a great athletic program. Students learn the fundamentals to play each sport and to have fun. All students make a team; there are no “cuts” at this level. Below are the sports offered our first season of the year:

FIRST SEASON – September 9th - October 25th

Boys Basketball, Boys Tennis, Boys and Girls Cross Country

For more information on all sports offered, when, and what is required, please see the Athletics’ tab on our website.


It is expected that students attend every school day and are on time. Vacations or other non-illness absences should be avoided during the school days as Vacation days are provided within the regular school calendar. Please call the Attendance line at 425-936-2421 to excuse your student’s absence. To find out more about reporting an Absence, arranging an Early Dismissal, reporting a Late Arrival, and more, please use our ATTENDANCE Tab on KiMS website, at

Bus Passes

If your student needs to ride a bus after school, that he/she doesn’t normally ride or to go home with a friend, written permission from a parent is required. A note from you should be brought by your student to the office for a Bus Pass, in the morning, before school starts. Please be sure plans for these occasions are communicated between you and your student(s) the night before or the morning of. For the safety of our students, our bus drivers require a Bus Pass from the office, which lets them know the school has received written permission from the parent, acknowledging their student is going to a different location than normal after school.


Open communication between school and your home is very important for your child’s academic success. Students will use their Daily Planner to keep track of assignments and due dates.

  • ASSIGNMENTS - We ask parents to please work with their student(s) to review and discuss their assignments and calendar.
  • KiMS WEBSITE – Please be sure to check our website at
    You will find more information for Opening Day and the start of school, information for parents, and for students, daily schedules, the school year’s activities/calendar, sports information and schedules and much more.
  • PARENT INFORMATION – We encourage parents to use the PantherGram, sent out electronically by your PTSA for on-going and future events at school. This publication is a great source of information about classroom activities, current school information from the Principal, PTSA events, as well as a calendar of upcoming events. Please make sure your email address in Parent Access is up to date, as PTSA will pull that information to create their online address book.


  • CONTACTING A TEACHER – If you need to contact a teacher, you can do this by either emailing him/her, or you can call the main office and we will transfer you to their voicemail.
  • PHONE NUMBERS – Please make note of the following phone numbers:

ATTENDANCE – (425) 936-2421

COUNSELING – (425) 936-2423

MAIN OFFICE – (425) 936-2420

Curriculum Night

Come join us Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m

Dropping off items/lunch for your Student

To minimize interruption of instructional time, we send a pass out at the end of the period for your student to pick up the item in the office between classes. We do not send items or student lunches to the classroom. This is a great opportunity to help your student work on their organizational skills.

First Day of School

The first day of school is SEPTEMBER 3rd. At the beginning of each school year, we conduct a very successful school orientation program. Our objective during this orientation is to introduce our incoming 6th graders to middle school life. A full day will be devoted to 6th graders starting at our regular time of 8:35 a.m. and ending at 3:05. 7th and 8th graders will begin school at 11:05 on September 3rd.

Our schedule for September 3rd

6th grade- Beginning at 8:35 (Bus Transportation is provided for qualified
students – Please make sure your student knows their route number)
- Students
will report to the commons to pick up their schedules and have a short assembly. They
will then be split into groups for student photos, activity/athletic overview, academic and
behavior expectation and an opportunity to purchase ASB cards, Yearbooks, and add
money to lunch accounts. After lunch, they will attend a shortened version of all 6 of
their classes. Their school day will end at the regular time of 3:05 p.m.

7th and 8th grade – (Bus Transportation is provided for qualified students): The
bus will pick 7th and 8th graders up 2 hours and 30 minutes later than their regular pick
up time which is listed on the post card sent by transportation. Arriving at 11:05,
students will report to the gym to pick up their schedules and attend an orientation
assembly. They will then attend a short version of all 6 of their classes. Please note:
there is Lunch for 7th and 8th grade students on September 3rd.


Associated Student Body (ASB) & Athletics:

(May combine payment on one check payable to KIMS or pay online).

___ ASB Card $25 (optional-unless you participate in student activities, clubs and/or sports)

___ Athletic Clearance Form for after school Sports

___ Pay to Play fee $75 if playing a first season sport (Boys and Girls Cross Country, Boys Tennis, Girls Badminton)

___ Yearbook $35 (optional)

For step-by-step instructions to make payments online, please see the PAYMENT section below.


(make check payable to LWSD)

Bring a check to purchase school lunches, or call (425) 936-1393 to use your debit/credit card (see Food Service



School Photos

(make check payable to Dorian)

All students are photographed for School ID cards free of charge. If you are ordering a picture package; remember to bring form and check.


(make check payable to PTSA)

PTSA President Welcome

___ Volunteer Form

___ Membership Form & Student

Directory Form

See Website for Forms:

Note: These forms and checks (except School photos and money for lunch accounts) may be dropped off in the front office, prior to the first day of school starting Aug. 23rd.

Grading System

Skyward is our web-based grading system. Parents are encouraged to sign up and monitor their students’ progress. You can find information about Skyward and how to log in through Parent Access.


Regular school hours are from 8:35 a.m. to 3:05 p.m., except on Wednesdays, dismissal will be at 1:35 p.m. Wednesdays are LEAP – Learning Enhancement Academic Planning days for the teaching staff If you bring your student to school, make sure they arrive by 8:30 a.m., if they walk to school please get them started early so they can arrive on time. At KiMS, regular and prompt attendance is considered essential to the learning process. Students arriving late must check-in at the attendance window before proceeding to class.


A brochure explaining student school insurance coverage will be hand carried home on September 6th. Information to purchase insurance for student laptops will be distributed on September 9th, when the Laptops are checked out. More information can be found on the website under Student Laptop.


All items: such as clothing, shoes, school supplies, etc. should be marked with an indelible pen. This identification will help if something is lost. If your student has lost something, please encourage them to check the Lost and Found. All items not claimed are donated to an organization for the homeless twice a year: January and June.


A good education begins with good nutrition. All students have a 30-minute lunch period. The price for student lunches this year will be $3.25. Reduced lunches are $0.40. The link to Food Service daily menus is and for the free and reduced lunch application is

If you participated in the free and reduced lunch program last year, and your circumstances remain the same, please be sure to renew your application right away. Just a reminder, Kirkland Middle School does not have an Emergency Lunch Program. Your student is responsible for bringing a lunch or lunch money; and/or purchasing lunch through the student lunch account program. You may deposit monies into your student’s lunch account using your bankcard or by dialing 425-936-1393. If you have any questions, please contact the Food Service Office at 425-936-1393. During the year, we encourage students to deposit their lunch money into their account in the morning before school starts in the cafeteria.


ALL medication (prescription or over-the-counter drugs) must be brought in by the parent/guardian in a properly labeled pharmaceutical container with instructions matching your physician’s order. Students requiring medication and/or epinephrine during school hours must have the proper Lake Washington School District form completed and turned into Health Room. You can find forms for Authorization For Administration of Medication, Authorization to Administer Allergy Medication (Epinephrine), and/or Authorization to Administer Seizure Medication and other forms under Student Health All medications that are classified as “controlled substances” will be counted by both the secretary and parent/guardian – it cannot be dropped off. Failure to follow the medication procedure set by the Lake Washington School District, or failure of a student to check their medication into the counseling office, could result in disciplinary action.


Checks can be combined as follows:

  • ASB related items (ASB Card; Yearbook; Pay for Play), made payable to KiMS or pay online
  • General Education items should be on separate check for class fees, workbooks, instrument rentals, maintenance fees, and P.E. t-shirts), made payable to KiMS.
  • Pictures – make checks payable to Dorian. Student will give to the photographer at the time of pictures.
  • Checks for lunch accounts are made out to LWSD and turned into the kitchen.


If you are new to Kirkland Middle School, come join us Wednesday, August 28th from 1:30-2:30 p.m. for our new student orientation for 7th and 8th graders. This is designed for students in 7th and 8th grade, new to Kirkland Middle School. Students will get a tour of the school, meet some of our returning students and some other new faces for this year.


To ease the transition between elementary school and middle school and aid in a positive middle school experience, every incoming 6th grade student is assigned a 7th or 8th grade mentor. Once a month, mentors meet with the 6th grade students and guide them through activities and discussions ranging in topics from social pressures to goal setting. Mentors are trained monthly on leadership skills, relationship building and in leading and debriefing activities. The program runs from September through April.


Dorian Photography Studio will be at KiMS the first two days of school to take pictures for the yearbook and ASB/Student ID cards. Dorian will mail an order form to your home 10 days prior to the start of school. Additional order forms will be in the office at KiMS. Remember to bring your order form and money on your scheduled picture day:

September 3rd - 6th grade

September 4th - 7th and 8th (during their Math classes)

October 8th - Picture Make Up/Retakes



  • CELL PHONES – Students are only allowed to use their cell phone before and after school and during their lunch. Students are NOT allowed to use cell phones during class time, please do not call or text them during this time. This will result in confiscation of the phone
  • TELEPHONE – Due to the large volume of telephone use, it is necessary to restrict outgoing phone calls to emergency situations only. KiMS provides a phone for student use located near the ala carte lunch window. Please pre-arrange after school plans, visits to friends, rides home, communication between parents of two households, etc. before your student leaves in the morning or the night before.
  • MESSAGES – Please pre-arrange after school plans, visit to friends, rides home, communication between parents of two households, etc. before your student leaves in the morning or the night before. We do our very best to get all messages to your student(s). If it is a family emergency, we will of course call your student out of class right away; any other calls we will send a pass for the student to come pick up the message during passing time between classes to avoid interruption to the classroom. We understand that things come up and you may need to let your student know there has been a change of plans after school and will do our best to get that message to your student.


This is the Smarter Balanced Assessment Test. This test will take place the end of April and beginning of May this school year.


At Kirkland Middle School, we use two forms of communication with students and families for tracking grades and projects. Our primary means is the student planner. We encourage students to refer to it regularly for information regarding homework and due dates. Our staff also uses the Power School Learning communication system. We ask that students make sure they are clear on how their teachers use Power School Learning in the classroom.

Students will be provided a required School Planner at the beginning of the year for free. If lost, a replacement planner can be purchased for $5.00.


Kirkland Middle School Policies and Procedures  is available on our website. During the first few weeks of school, teachers will spend time reviewing our rules and policies and answering student questions. Please take time to review the Student Policies and Procedures posted on our website, with your student. Your student will be required to return a Handbook Review Statement, signed by both the student and the parent, assuring that they have read and understand KiMS Policies and Procedures.


Bus transportation is provided for students living more than two
miles from school, or whose routes require them to walk on dangerous roadways.
Postcards will be mailed in August from the Transportation Department detailing the bus
stop and time. You may also find this information by going to the LWSD Transportation
website and clicking on
School Assignment and Bus Finder. If you have any other questions, please call direct
to Transportation at (425) 936-1120. We encourage students to ride the bus and/or
carpool to relieve traffic congestion around school.


Students may purchase a yearbook for $35.00 August 23th thru October 31st in the main office or online. Depending on availability, they will be on sale again starting May 1st in the office only. We encourage students to purchase their yearbook early to guarantee they will get one in June. Please make checks payable to KiMS or pay online at For step-by-step instructions on how to pay online, see the PAYMENT section above.

This contains a great deal of important information; we hope it answers most, if not all, your questions. Please refer to the Student Policies and Procedures or contact the main office if you need clarification (425) 936-2420. We are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding school year.