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Insurance Options

Families may wish to protect against liability for lost, damaged or stolen property by reviewing
their insurance options. Some homeowner’s policy may offer coverage and some may offer this coverage if a
rider is acquired. In addition, Lake Washington School District has arranged for an insurance
option for families wishing to purchase a specific additional insurance to cover their student’s
laptop. This insurance can be purchased from Worth Insurance Group. The premium is $68.88 per year
and covers accidental damage and theft (police report required). The deductible in this policy is
$0. This insurance can be acquired directly by going to
The company also offers coverage for other personal technology devices. If you chose not to
purchase the optional insurance or do not otherwise have coverage, you will be responsible for fees
for damaged or lost/stolen equipment as defined above.

Please note: Insurance covers the device for one (1) calendar year. Please make sure you fill out the forms correctly (use the correct serial number, not the LWSD barcode, on the form).

If your student receives a new device or a loaner, you must update the insurance coverage for the new device.

To get the correct serial number for the HP , see the images below.

NOTE: The large white sticker that reads "LWSD Mobile Device" is not the serial number.

HP: look on the back of the device

Laptop Fines

Current Repair/Fine Amounts for Laptops (2019-20)


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